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Whole Grain Carrot Cake

The promised carrot cake has come!  Cream cheese frosting needed a buddy, so carrot cake came along.  And not just any carrot cake.  Whole grain carrot cake!

If you're wondering why in the picture above the cake says, "Welcome baby Rafael!", let me explain.  Last summer, my sister had her first baby!  (Remember these cupcakes?)  His name is Rafael.  And just because he is my nephew and I love him so much, I inserted a picture of him below.  In my most humble and unbiased opinion, I think he's one of the cutest babies ever 😉😍.

Moving on to the carrot cake....  Don't think that just because a cake has carrots in it, it somehow must be healthy.  I wish that was the case!  However, many carrot cakes are full of white flour, white sugar, and unhealthy oils.  I'll show you how,in today's recipe, all of that changed.

1.  Instead of White Flour, Whole Wheat Flour

There is a time and place for desserts with white flour, like the cupcakes I mentioned earlier in th…

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