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Julia Child's Birthday + 3 Things Every Foodie Needs to Do Before Going to Paris

Hey peeps!  A few days ago was Julia Child's birthday!  In order to honor this amazing American chef, I thought it'd be perfect to talk about a few things that every foodie needs to do before going to Paris.  As you know, I'm going to Paris , so I've done these three things.  Do these things in this order and you will be thoroughly prepped to enjoy every foodie experience that comes your way in the city of lights!

1.  Read Julia Child's Book, "My Life in France"

This is a moderate-sized read in which Julia talks about the experiences she had in France and how she and two  other women wrote the cookbook that is now the standard for french cooking in America.  You can purchase this book here.

2.  Watch the "Julie and Julia" Movie

I just watched this movie a few weeks ago having already read the book above, and it really helped to give some context to this movie.  Essentially "Julie and Julia" is a movie that is based on two true stories:…

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