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From the Heart- Tips for Going to the Mountains With a CHD + Some Updates!

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Hi everyone!  I am dedicating this post to being a from the heart post!
For me, summertime is synonymous with traveling to the mountains.  After all, the weather is warm, the lake is cool, and the hiking trails are begging for visitors.  So even though I have a CHD (read more about it here), I will not be hindered from going to the mountains!  
To preface this post, I will say that just because you have a CHD does not automatically mean that you are cleared to go to the mountains.  When in doubt, always check with your doctor.
When I was very little, I couldn't go to the mountains because my heart had not been "fixed" enough.  After a few heart surgeries, I was cleared to go to the mountains!  Below are my tips for going to the mountains with a CHD.
1.  Don't Go to an Overly High Elevation
The higher the altitude, the thinner the air.  A lot of people with CHD's have lower oxygenation levels than most people (for me, tha…

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