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I'm Back + 4th of July Sugar Cookies

Hi everyone!  My profound apologies for not posting for so long!  In my defense, the last couple of months of school were really busy and at times stressful, so blogging wasn't my priority.  Thankfully, God helped me through it and now it's summer ✌! 

I should probably give you all a brief life update.  I wrote in my last medical post that I was going to have a post vascular surgery appointment and I did!  My vascular surgeon still thinks that there's some vein blockage, but didn't seem to be too disappointed.  I'm slated to have a vein ultrasound done next month and will probably have my semi-annual cardiology appointment this or next month and will need to have an appointment to make sure my pacemaker is continuing to work well, so that's what's next medically speaking.

And now, let's talk about food!  Today's recipe makes a great treat for a 4th of July celebration- the recipe is for star-shaped sugar cookies with decked with a sweet glaze and p…

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