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Updated Post- Spreadable Cream Cheese Frosting

Hi everyone!  Today, I want to share again with you a delicious recipe that you should keep in your frosting arsenal:  cream cheese frosting 😋!

You might be wondering why I'm posting this cream cheese frosting recipe a second time around.  First of all, the photo in the original post was pretty bad 😬😂.  Second of all, Easter is right around the corner and this frosting has a flavor that goes well with many different cakes (the recipe for one of which I hope to post later this week 😊)!

I should preface this post by noting that following this frosting recipe yields spreadable cream cheese frosting, not pipeable cream cheese frosting.  If you're looking for a recipe for pipeable cream cheese frosting, click here.

There are only a few ingredients required to make cream cheese frosting, so I want to briefly walk you through those.

1.  Cream Cheese

I love adding cream cheese to this frosting because it imparts to the frosting a slightly tangy flavor.  This helps to balance the i…

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