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From the Heart- Explaining HLHS in Spanish, Going in a Jacuzzi with HLHS, and Possible Heart Supplement

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Hi everyone!  How was your weekend?  I want to devote today’s post to giving you another sneak peak into my life with  HLHS.

This weekend, I took a long weekend and went with my family to the coast for a mini reunion with some family from Argentina.  At one point in a dinner conversation, my aunt was quietly trying to explain my heart condition to one of the Argentine relatives. My mom could tell she was trying to be discreet about it, which was very sweet of her, but she knew I would be happy to explain it.  Easy, right?!  The only small problem:  Being from Argentina, my relative was not a native English speaker, so I would have to explain HLHS to him in Spanish 😱.  I know a fair amount of Spanish, but not really much medical jargon.  Thankfully, with help from some of my other family members and a diagram, HLHS was  explained.  It was a bit of an adventure but really fulfilling to help spread awareness for HLHS in Spanish!

Also I wanted …

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