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Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

Hi everyone!  Happy Friday!  Today, I'm sharing with you a homey, hearty side dish you can make this weekend as part of your lunch or dinner: scalloped potatoes 😋!  Let's get started!

There are different ways to make scalloped potatoes.  But the biggest difference between some recipes and others is one seemingly superfluous ingredient: cheese 😋!

Make no mistake, however-  cheese is not an unneeded ingredient in this dish and really, in any dish where it is appropriate.  (If you don't believe me, just try this stovetop hash or this savory breakfast casserole, both of which are as tasty as they are because of a showering of cheese.)  Cheese adds extra richness to this already rich dish.  In my opinion, if a dish is already rich and there's an opportunity to make it even tastier (and richer), just go for it 😉!  These scalloped potatoes get a double dose of cheese; cheese is added to the white sauce and on top of the casserole.

And while this dish is not hard to make, …

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