Good Eats in Solvang, California

In my last post, I forgot to wish y'all a late Merry Christmas. So happy late Christmas!  Are we all stuffed or are we all stuffed?  So my family and I traveled to Central California for our post-Christmas vacay and we decided to go to Santa Barbara  couple days ago.  On the way to Santa Barbara is a super cute danish town called Solvang.  I mean, if you don't believe me when I say how cute it is, just look at this picture:
That windmill looks like it came out of a fairy tale book.

And those stores are just so quaint and sweet!
Anyways, in addition to being very adorable, Solvang is home to some AMAZING food, in particular, baked goods.
There are lots of bakeries to choose from in Solvang, but I think that the one my family and I went to just might be the best.  It's called Birkholm's Bakery and Cafe .  Super cute and super good.  I ordered the blueberry and cheese danish.  Oh my word, was it amazing!!  Flaky pastry engulfs a sweet, fruity blueberry filling which mingles with a sweet and tangy cheese.  It was probably my fave guilty pleasure.  Which is saying a lot considering I love sweets.  Oh, and also good from Birkholm's Bakery and Cafe was the strawberry and cheese danish.
Look at that eye candy 😍!!
Bottom line:  Go to Solvang , California ASAP and go to Birkholm's Bakery and Cafe before all the blueberry cheese danishes get sold out.  I guarantee, you won't regret it.


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