Good Eats in Cayucous, California

Welcome back to the Good Eats part if my blog!  This is one of my fave blog topics because I get to be a hard-core foodie in it.  Let's get started!

A lot of people haven't heard of Cayucous 😔.  Well, in this post they will!

So basically, Cayucous us a quaint beach town in central California.  It's near Morro Bay, CA which you've heard of right?  Ok good you have.  Anyway, Cayucous is home to an ADORABLE candy store and a downright INCREDIBLE cookie shop 😍.  (Anyone else swooning yet?)  Let's start with the candy store.  Just look at how cute it is!
It even says on the wall :"Because life can never be too sweet."  How awesome is that?!

Cayucos Candy Counter is a small but super cute candy store.  Over where I live, there are not cute candy stores.  Or cookie shops for that matter. WAAAAHHH 😭!!  I digress... When you walk into Candy Counter, an array of crazy-colored Jelly Beans meet your eyes.  (Seriously what is up with Jelly Beans?!)  Then, you see all these retro candies in the middle of the store.  Go there with your parents or older sibs, and you can take a walk down memory lane.  (wax bottles or bit o'honey anyone?) The whole shop has a retro-like feel to it.  In addition, they have gelato and ice cream.  I didn't get any of the the gelato/ice cream, but I bet it's yummy.  How can you go wrong with heavy cream and sugar, right?  Personally, I loved the taffy at Candy Counter.  Let me make something clear:  Not all taffy is created equal.  Typically, small candy stores make softer, better-tasting taffy than their bigger competitors.  The taffy at Candy Counter is fresh.  For me, good taffy is soft, chewy, and full of flavor.  I cannot stand taffy that just tastes sweet; it's gotta have another flavor.  (As a side note, my favorite taffy flavor is probably cinnamon roll.  You guessed it:  I LOVE cinnamon.)  I recommend the Dewar's taffy from Candy Counter.  The peanut butter one is the BOMB.  It's the perfect balance of sweet and salty, crunchy and soft.  The peppermint Dewar's taffy is also minty and sweet.  It would pair perfectly with one of my peppermint hot chocolate cookies . 
 In short, Candy Counter is a retro candy store filled with oodles and oodles of delicious goodies you don't wanna miss.

Moving on to my FAVORITE place in Cayucous:  Brown Butter Cookie Company . I could go on and on about this place.  First of all, Brown Butter Cookie Company was founded by two sisters.  How much sweeter can you get?  (Pun intended)  And when you walk into the shop-  oh my gosh the smell is so wonderful that words cannot express it. Anyway, you might be wondering what's up with the name.  Well, the reason that this amazingly cute and delicious cookie shop has the words "brown" and "butter" in its name because of its signature cookie:  the brown butter sea salt cookie.  In order for this cookie to acquire it's toasty, molasses-y (that is officially a word y'all-in my dictionary), salty flavor, the butter is browned  in a pan until it takes on a golden complexion.  Also, the cookie has some sea salt added to it, which perfectly complements the toasty butter.  (I do not know for a fact that this is how the brown butter sea salt cookies are made, this is just my guess.  But I do know that the butter is browned and that there is sea salt in the cookie.)  Also, because the butter is browned, the cookie takes on a delightfully amber hue.  For people who like sweet-salty combos, this cookie is a dream come true.  I would make the bold statement that ALL of the cookies at Brown Butter Cookie Company are delicious, even though I have not had all of them.  All the one's I have had, however, are super good:  snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, lemon sugar, peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin.  As you can see these, are typical cookies but that's not all.  They are typical cookies with an untypically scrumptious flavor.
Look at how cute!
My mantra y'all.

Bottom line:  Head over to Brown Butter Cookie Company ASAP.  Hurry or else all the cookies will be gone.  (Cookie Monster steals them, ok?!)
One last thing:  Check out these cookies from Brown Butter


  1. YUMM! Looks so tasty and also in a very cute shop!

    1. Definitely a delicious adventure :p!


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