Happy National S'mores Day + Doughboys

Hey y'all!  I'm changing things up a little on this blog.  Starting now, I'm going to be doing posts on some of our national food holidays.  I was made aware by this post from here
that yesterday was national s'mores day!  Which is super exciting because I get to talk to you guys about one of my favorite desserts: dough boys!!!

Essentially, a dough boy is a s'more on steroids ( don't take this literally 😉).  No, but a dough boy is actually just a biscuit round that is put on a cylindrical stick, roasted over a fire, and then stuffed with sugary goodies.  Basically a dough boy is a piece of heaven.  Plus, my friend Beth noted that dough boys are not sticky and messy like s'mores, which makes them superior to them.

1.  The Basics

  • The stick -  needs to be long and cylindrical.
  • The biscuit- an unbaked round that is molded around the stick .
  • The fire-  needs to be open like a campfire.
  • The goodies-  You could try any candy, but I enjoyed mini marshmallows, caramels, and chocolate.
  • The product- a golden brown, hollow biscuit filled to the brim with s'more goodies!
I know that all that was pretty confusing, so just watch this tutorial and it will explain.  My only critiques to the tutorial would be to use a regular piece of biscuit dough, most a small and use chocolate and marshmallows because they are awesome 😉.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Beth! I appreciate your culinary input for this post :)!

    2. That's what friends are for lol. Personally I hate being sticky. The stickiness just spreads everywhere until I am a glob of stickiness. Yuck.

    3. Ever since I was little, I've hated having dirty hands, so I totally agree, lol.


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